From May 22 to 26, 2017 the world of the wood processing industry is in weight at LIGNA in Hannover: More than 1,500 exhibitors from 45 countries and visitors from 90 countries gather at the Hannover trade fair.

LIGNA is the meeting point of the sector worldwide. In total ten pavilions as well as in the outdoor enclosure the exhibitors show all their capacity. All market leaders worldwide are present with specially representative on-site stands to present their innovations of products and processes, including a number of debutantes and other recurrent exhibitors. This and a significant increase of the exhibition area make of LIGNA in the summit of the innovation of the sector.

Over five days Hannover shows innovative tools, machines and installations for batch and serial production, surface treatment techniques, wood material production, sawing, power and wood techniques, machine components and automation , As well as forestry, creating the conditions for a path of success for the world of industry 4.0. “Here, solutions and applications are shown and networks are created that offer promising prospects – and this for the entire wood sector,” adds Gruchow.

In the center of LIGNA are intelligent concepts for the production in network that cross diverse individual processes. The solutions presented constitute a promise of growth and greater efficiency, pointing, on the one hand, paths towards development, independently of the size of the companies, and on the other, for the realization, as quickly as possible, of the size of lot 1 ” Which registers a growing demand in the market.

LIGNA’s internationality is unique: in addition to Germany, we are among the top ten most represented countries in Italy, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Denmark, China, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Italy, Austria and Spain have significantly increased their exhibition area. In a useful exhibition area of ​​more than 122,000 square meters all the innovations of processes and products of the sector are presented.

The new range of machines, installations and tools for batch and serial production in halls 11 to 15 and 27 covers machines for the processing of solid wood, machines and installations for the industrial production of furniture and machines and tools Manuals For the production of wood and wood materials in batches. Here the manufacturers present visitors in a condensed way a wide spectrum of technologies in all ranges. “With the new concept of space, we are able to respond to the trend of a growing adaptation of the transformation of wood and the technologies used to the processes and forms of work of the industry. Innovative of this evolution with the new structure of the enclosure, which allows an optimized orientation, “explained Gruchow.

The surface treatment segment remains in Hall 17, but it becomes an own exposure segment, which corresponds to its relevant position within the LIGNA. “In the surface treatment segment we managed to win many internationally significant debut exhibitors as well as to record the increase in the exhibition area by renowned exhibitors,” said Gruchow.

There is another segment that happens to have its own space in LIGNA due to its relevance and size, the components of machines and the automation techniques, in Hall 16. Here the promise is of greater speed and precision, as well as reduced cycle times In production and a wider range of action, come the respected drive of network production and automation. Machines are increasingly linked to one another and the use of robots is already a reality. Industry 4.0 and network production are a great opportunity for all those operating in niche markets and their products, which are needed to integrate into global network production. Automation is not restricted only to large companies, but is interesting for woodworking in general. The trend towards a combination of chain solutions is growing around the world. Especially in the CNC segment is expected a strong growth in robot techniques.

The area reserved for the production of wood materials and the wood energy segment in Hall 26, as well as the sawing techniques in Hall 25 is fully occupied with the market leaders of the sector, traditional exhibitors and exhibitors Debutantes.

Forestry is presented in the outdoor enclosure and in the pavilions under the cover of the EXPO with a renewed appearance. The structure of the space in the open air space is determined mainly by the central aspects of the production chain. With a demonstration site, thematic avenues, action areas and the Summit Wood Industry Summit, forestry is at the heart of the event.

Along with “networked production”, LIGNA 2017 addresses other high points, such as the Plastics and Composites Processing, which presents the numerous uses of wood processing machines, the LIGNA training for carpenters and Carpenters and joineries Assembly companies and the summit of the industry of the wood industry. Wood Industry Summit stands out for the presentation of innovative solutions in the field of harvesting technologies and their subsequent processing, for the offer of solutions for the transformation phases in network, as well as for the international delegations of high level.

“LIGNA pushes thinking in new networks, while new technical possibilities lead to greater efficiency,” summarized Gruchow.

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