In 1987, Silvino Moreira Lindo starts activity to support small and medium-sized companies producing furniture, individually, in the fields of industrial heating, compressed air networks and networks of fire.

In 1990, encouraged by the support of its customers, decides to create the SML – Silvino Lindo, Indústria de Secadores de Madeira, Lda.

The company is principally engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of equipment for drying wood and finishing lines for the furniture industry.

The drying plant timber are adapted both for drying and for the phytosanitary treatment of wood, wood pallets and packaging.

The use of technology to monitor the drying has been optimized over the years through a technological advance in order to meet the needs and demands of our customers who are faced with a growing market and are subject to rigorous quality control too tight .

The Silvino Lindo provides guests with all the ancillary systems required for the functioning of plants such as boilers (biomass, diesel, gas), vacuum systems, filters by dry and wet, silos equipped with automatic extractors, networks heating circuits of compressed air networks, fire, etc..

This diversity has allowed the company is holding about 90% of the Portuguese market and much of the Spanish market.

The currently celebrating 30 years of existence, beyond the Portuguese market, the company has achieved over the years a strong internationalization of its products and its name, the result of a more direct intervention in the foreign markets.

In this context of internationalization, participation in international trade fairs (for Hannover since 1999) and the national sectoral fairs allows, beyond compare quality, design and price, personal contact with potential customers and allows us to determine a potential market competition capacity and more efficient ways to bet in a given environment.

Harnessing the “know-how” of practical experience and on our equipment allying always a rigorous selection of suppliers, we offer our customers the quality assurance of our products and services.

Achieving certification by TUV since 2000, currently according to ISO 9001:2008, is a recognition of the service of high efficiency which translates into the profitability of our products desired by our customers.

In 2009, we decided to consolidate its presence in the Iberian market changing its name to Silvino Lindo Ibérica, SA.

The projects we offer our customers are turnkey projects from concept art product through manufacturing, assembly, start-up, training to the after sales service of the equipment installed.


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