SML’s Quality policy is geared towards maximizing quality and productivity and, at the same time, minimizing costs, giving full satisfaction to the CLIENT, in accordance with quality objectives.
As such and in order to eliminate and mainly predict defects and deficiencies through means of prevention and interaction, we have acted according to the following principles:

• Provide products that meet the needs and expectations of customers, ensuring compliance with agreed requirements and the applicable legal requirements.

• To promote the increase of the overall effectiveness of the organization through continuous improvement of its processes, products and services, the responsibility of each and every one of the employees.

• Consider the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system as a key element for the progress of the company.

• Ensure that all our employees comply with the Health and Safety at Work Regulations, minimizing the likelihood of accidents.

• Analyze complaints and reports of non-compliance, with a view to improved performance, solving or preventing problems in order to eliminate them.

The principles of the policy defined above quality are realized through the pursuit of the following objectives:

• Increase customer satisfaction;

• Promote the organization’s efficiency and production processes;

• Create the conditions for employees to receive salaries on time.

Management is committed to these practices and systematically provides the necessary means to ensure, permanently, the quality of the services that are the support and ensures the continuity of the project.

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