Explosion-proof SML filter

Execution of a real explosion test to validate the calculation of the structural resistance of the SML bag filter.

This test meets the specifications specified by our customer IKEA Industry, so that our equipment complies with internal standards.

The test was defined, prepared and monitored by a certified international organization, which issued a certificate validating the structural resistance of the SML Bag Filter. The real conditions of a finishing dust extraction system (laquering) were created, this being the most serious case in terms of explosiveness.

The SML suction filters are equipped with certified explosion vents, which in the event of an explosion forming inside, open and allow the rapid release of the pressure generated, protecting the workers and preventing deformation of the filter structure.

The number of rupture panels is calculated using a software from the supplier of the rupture panels, depending on the size of the bag filter and the type of material to be aspirated.

SML extraction systems are equipped with SML bag filters, high-performance fans and the Energy Saving Technology. This system monitors in real time the flow required to extract the dust and adjusts the fan rotation and the electric consumption of the motor.

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